USE IT UP ’14 {update}

Earlier this year I declared I would not buy make-up this year, with the exception of few things from collections I wanted. My goal was to use up what I have. Sadly, I have failed horribly. Well, at the buying part. I’ve used up quite a few things which have made me smile. Hitting pan on eyeshadow makes my soul smile and I feel so accomplished (unless it is limited edition, in that case I cry a little). At any rate I’m back on my no-buy and I think I’d be much more successful if I’d unsubscribe from the emails Urban Decay sends out. Yall pray my strength in keeping my coins in my bank account. Until next time take care.



If I added up the amount of money I spent on make-up in 2013 I would definitely want to kick my own ass. I’ve acquired quite a collection. Now, its time to actually use it. As far as purchasing new make-up, I’m not doing too much of that in 2014. The things I will purchase I have no intention on paying full price for. Well MAC has 3 things coming out this year that I want but that’s it… I promise… hopefully. Ulta always has great sales especially with Maybelline buy 1 get on half off. Right up my little frugal alley. I had initially said that the first 6 months of 2014 I’m not buying ANYTHING, unless it was to replenish, but my plan was foiled when Bare Minerals dropped me a little line about being on QVC. :: face palm:: I couldn’t help but get one of the kits. So there went that. Anyway, I figure it would be fun to create little monthly challenges, for example for one week I’m only allowed to use one particular palette or one lip color. Doing things like that will give me an opportunity to use what I have and rediscover palettes that may have gotten pushed aside. Until next time, take care.