USE IT UP ’14 {update}

Earlier this year I declared I would not buy make-up this year, with the exception of few things from collections I wanted. My goal was to use up what I have. Sadly, I have failed horribly. Well, at the buying part. I’ve used up quite a few things which have made me smile. Hitting pan on eyeshadow makes my soul smile and I feel so accomplished (unless it is limited edition, in that case I cry a little). At any rate I’m back on my no-buy and I think I’d be much more successful if I’d unsubscribe from the emails Urban Decay sends out. Yall pray my strength in keeping my coins in my bank account. Until next time take care.


Will this work? (1)

Will this work? (1)

Plagued with oily skin, I’ve found a lot of the products claiming to control oil simply don’t. A beauty guru I suscribe to on YouTube mentioned this product so I’d thougth I’d give it a try. Until next time, take care.



Hi, my name is Missy Tee. For what seems like years I’ve toyed around with the thought of starting a blog, but could never decide on a primary focus. Make-up. I knew I wanted to do something with make-up. In no shape, fashion, or form am I a make-up artist. Like many other women, its just something I adore. When it came to adding another dynamic to my blog I was lost.  All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, in the form of the absolute worst stomach pain I’ve ever experienced in my life; Crohn’s Disease. For those who don’t know Crohn’s Disease is an auto-immune diesease that affect the digestive system. I was diagnosed in January 2008 and at the time knew absolutely nothing about the disease. Over the past five years my knowledge of Crohn’s Disease has increased and that’s what I hope to share here along with my opinions on various make-up products. Until next time, take care.