The past few months have been extremely rocky with Crohn’s Disease. Dealing with the stress of a new position at work and the death of a friend all while maybe not eating the best caused my Crohn’s to flare in all the worst possible ways. I’m sure everyone handles coming out of a flare differently, culinarily wise that is. I’ve noticed that when I come out of a flare I attach myself to one food that I know for a fact won’t bother my stomach. Thinking back I don’t think the foods that I cling on to are ever the same. After my initial diagnosis I ate tuna and tilapia daily and gradually added other foods in. The past three weeks it has been pancakes… IHOP pancakes to be more specific. I’m thankful to have at least one friend who has been more than understanding with this, even though each time we pull into IHOP she goes on a short diatribe about how this is the most she’s been to IHOP in the last three years combined.
During a flare I don’t eat. At all. I know that is not recommended, however I’m like a child with a hot stove. ‘You don’t have to burn me but once’ is the mentality I have with most pain. During this last flare there wasn’t a moment when I was not in level 8-10 pain. I know that anything other than liquid going into my body would elevate that pain, therefore I choose not to eat. Naturally, when I do start to eat again its very little and very specific things. As of this moment the foods I am eating are pancakes, chicken breast and eggs…. oh and bacon. Do any of yall with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis(or any other similar disease) go through the same thing after a flare? What are the first few weeks coming out of a flare like for yall? Until next time take care!